•  coriander Powder

    Mahalaxmi Industries' Coriander Powder is made from the finest coriander seeds, providing a fresh and aromatic flavor to your recipes. This finely ground powder is a staple spice in many cuisines around the world.

    Powder Features:

    • Fresh and aromatic
    • Finely ground for easy use
    • 100% pure and natural
    • Free from additives and preservatives

    Use: Coriander powder is used in cooking for its warm, nutty flavor, enhancing the taste of curries, soups, and marinades. It is also used in traditional medicine for its digestive benefits and as an anti-inflammatory agent.

    Product Details:

    Form Fine Powder
    Purity 100% Pure
    Part Plant Used Dried, Ground Seeds
    Aroma Citrusy, Warm, Slightly Nutty
    Color Light Yellow To Beige
    Grade Food Grade
    Botanical Name Coriandrum Sativum
    Flavor Profile Citrusy, Slightly Sweet
    Cultivation Natural
    Processing Method Drying And Grinding The Seeds
    Culinary Uses Curries, Vegetables, Meat Rubs, Pickling
    Storage Condition Cool, Dark, Airtight Container
    No Added Preservaties Yes
    Health Benefits Antimicrobial, Lower Blood Sugar, Pomotes Digestion, Energy Boosts Etc
    Condition Good
    Country Of Origin India

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